Chris Lyons is a freelance illustrator based in Rochester, New York, who specializes in illustrations that feature various lifestyles and activities.

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My interest in lifestyle illustration is driven by my insatiable curiosity about life. I love the challenge of capturing moments through evocative imagery and concepts. As an illustrator, my opportunities have expanded by gaining the trust of designers and art directors by successfully delivering their visions. My experiences in the world of design, gaming, teaching and parenting have given me a unique perspective - and I strive to let them inform my work. To be successful as an illustrator it’s important to actively listen and engage as a creative problem solver and partner. Then bring my unique style to life in the work. The more I draw, the better I get. At some point…I’ll really get this thing nailed!


  • New Century Chamber Orchestra of San Francisco
  • The New York Times
  • Trader Joe’s
  • AARP
  • Betterman Publishing


Do you draw from a model or your imagination?
I draw both from life and imagination. Wherever my imagination leads me in pursuit of a creative answer, I am ready. My portfolio has examples of both - from immigrants boarding a giant liner, to a whimsical scene of a child fishing - and I am equally comfortable with both.

What is your favorite activity to illustrate?
For me it is less about the activity and more about the creative opportunity to be solved. The more challenging the better—my job is to simplify and communicate.

Where do you find inspiration for new people and poses?
I am curious and always looking at other great illustrators past and present for inspiration. My style has migrated over the years as I learn and experience more things, and it feels to me it has become more “natural” and intuitive as I synthesize all my influences.

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