Cherilyn Colbert is a freelance illustrator based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, who specializes in illustrated maps and travel-themed artwork.

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As an illustrator who specializes in illustrated maps, I nurture this focus by exploring new places and looking closely. This allows me to capture the unique essence of each place and translate it into captivating illustrations. I recognize the profound role that place has in a community. Beyond mere geographical features, places are part of the narrative that illustrates the interconnectedness of people, their cultures, and the shared experiences. By incorporating local landmarks, cultural symbols, and the spirit of the community into my illustrated maps, I aim to not only depict places but also to tell the story of the vibrant communities that inhabit them.  


  • Downtown Norfolk Council
  • Neon Norfolk Arts District
  • Town of Onancock
  • Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation
  • Coastal Virginia Magazine


What is your most memorable vacation spot?
In the summer of 2014, our family took a camping trip to the coast of southern Maine. We hiked, took a ride on a sailboat, happened upon a summer clam festival, wandered around Portland, ate lots of great food, and saw the Milky Way. My kids were 6 and 11 at the time and they still talk about this vacation.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
My favorite mode of transportation is by train. To me, it’s the easiest way to get from point A to B. Unfortunately, it’s not always an option here in the US, but when it is, I’ll take it.

Which do you prefer: mountains, desert, beach, or forest?
I grew up in forested mountains and now live by the beach. I can’t say that I prefer one of these over the other. I love living by the water and wouldn’t change that, but I really enjoy getting back to the mountains when I’m able.

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