Cherilyn Colbert is a freelance illustrator based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, who specializes in architectural renderings and building illustrations.

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Over the years, my expertise in architectural illustration has developed due to my interest in documenting places. I’ve always been drawn to the visual texture architecture offers an observer—from ornate iron railings and concrete breeze blocks to collapsing barns and worn stairwells—these elements are beautiful in their own right. But, architecture is often a defining characteristic of a place, and as I’ve developed many illustrations that aim to memorialize locations, I’ve found architecture to be foundational in telling the story of a given campus, neighborhood, or city.  


  • Downtown Norfolk Council
  • Neon Norfolk Arts District
  • Town of Onancock
  • Roanoke College


What city has your favorite architecture?
New Orleans, Louisiana has some of the most beautiful architecture. There have been a variety of cultural influences in the region that make for a wide array of visual texture, line, and color around every corner. 

What is your favorite building?
The Slover Library in Norfolk, Virginia is among my favorites. It’s a combination of the restoration of a more-than-century-old building with the addition of modern spacing and design. From the outside, there are many visual textures, but it also functions as a modern library and community space.

Which do you prefer: modern or classical?
Currently, I often prefer viewing modern architecture.The sleek lines and common use of natural materials always speaks to me. Though, I often prefer drawing more classical architecture because there are lots of little details that are fun to work in.

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