Annette Kraus is a freelance illustrator based in Seattle, Washinton, who specializes in editorial illustrations.

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My interest in editorial and conceptual illustration began back in the 1990’s when I worked as a staff, in-house illustrator for several major newspapers in the US, early on in my career.
Over the years, my expertise in digital illustration has developed into my recognizable style well before Procreate came along. But now I choose Procreate as my software of choice for most of my illustration projects. As an illustrator who specializes in editorial illustration for magazines, I nurture this focus by reading a lot and staying current with news and current affairs. What I love most about drawing for magazines and newspapers is its ability to draw the reader in and entertain them. To create a successful editorial illustration I believe it’s important to understand, ask questions, communicate visually a strong concept to tell a story. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful editorial illustration is the ability to hit a deadline while creating a unique and thought provoking image that best compliments the article or text. To maintain my skillset I am always taking courses, always drawing, always reading, and seeing what my illustration and writer colleagues are doing.


  • Seattle Child Magazine
  • PBS
  • SmartGames, Ltd.


Which publication does a great job at using illustrations?  New York Magazine and Create Magazine

What topics do you most enjoy illustrating about?
I can’t pick just one! Parenting, Lifestyle, Growth, Academic, Health and more. I am super curious.

What magazine cover do you want your illustration to be on? The New Yorker

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