Allie Gibson is a freelance illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand, who specializes in illustrated recipes and food illustration.

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My interest in food illustration began with illustrating recipes as gifts for friends, that had either a special meaning for them personally or was part of our shared history. What I love most about food is how it brings people together through sharing, whether it’s a picnic, soup by the campfire or a family dinner. For me, the most important qualities of a successful food illustration are contrast and colour with a fun or interesting composition. I’m constantly learning from others and experimenting with different techniques – it’s an endless cycle of creative problem solving.


What fruit or vegetable do you most love to illustrate?
I love the different textures and colours of fruit and how the light plays on the translucent juices.  Pomegranate is one of my favourites with its rich red arils sitting in delicate lace work.

What is your comfort food?
Fresh organic strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.

What is your favourite beverage?
Fresh lemon and ginger steeped in hot water with a teaspoon of Manuka honey—it’s my morning ‘wake me up’ drink that I take on my early morning walks with my border collie Sienna.

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