Schedule a 1-hour consultation with Nate. The topic can range from quick-fix website improvements to long-term business strategies.


Anyone can schedule an hour with Nate. It’s a great way to gather advice, solicit feedback, strategize a plan, brainstorm an idea, or course-correct your business. Upon payment, Nate will contact you to set up a time to talk. The cost is $175.



An hour with Nate can open doors to new ventures or reveal opportunities that right under your nose. Nate excels at brainstorming high-level concepts as well as figuring out nitty-gritty details. The hour is yours to delve into whatever topics are on your mind, such as...

  • analyzing your website from an SEO perspective
  • analyzing your website from an art director’s perspective
  • conveying your experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness
  • creating portfolios
  • setting prices, fees, and royalties 
  • improving negotiation techniques
  • communicating with clients
  • finding new work
  • pitching concepts to clients
  • targeting clients
  • building a strong brand
  • securing a dream job


I give Nate 5 stars! Like all illustrators, I sometimes we get stuck in my own little creative world and forget about the big picture. This conversation with Nate opened up a door that I knew existed, but rarely opened. He helped me re-focus my efforts to move in a much more prosperous direction. It was a very inspiring and fruitful conversation—thanks Nate!
Veronica Dall’Antonia

I’m so glad I did a consultation session with Nate! He came prepared with clear insights about my site and he gave well-informed, actionable advice that I can get to work on right away. Even though I have several years of professional experience with illustration and web design, I still learned a lot and found the session super helpful. Nate is able to give honest feedback while also instilling confidence and inspiration. I left the session totally energized, and I highly recommend this service to any and all illustrators!
Elle Powell

It was so helpful to spend over an hour with Nate discussing my website. We talked about its overall design, structure, and navigation, as well as the nuts and bolts that make it appeal to search engines. I learned several really important things that I’m able to incorporate right away. I now feel like I am on the right track and am able to do the right things to make my site really work for me. The best part was that Nate shared cutting edge information about SEO developments, so I'll be ahead of the curve!
Aly Miller
Questions? No problem! Please, send Nate or Salli an email.

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